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I'm a Designer, Marketing & Branding Strategist,

and self proclaimed Paperphile. I have a decade of experience under my belt, although I never wear belts...

A little about me

This is where I brag a little, right? With almost ten years of experience designing custom stationery suites and working as a graphic designer, I have become a mainstay in the wedding invitation industry in Nova Scotia. I even recently found and invitation in a home I was visiting and realized I designed it for them in 2011. It's a small world. I enjoy the challenge that comes with designing for a client, and creating something they will love for years to come. Luxurious hand made paper in my eyes is a piece of art and a blank canvas that brings me joy like nothing else. Although, I do enjoy a scoop of good ice cream.


I studied at Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax, and graduated in 2010 with a diploma in Graphic Design.  Then upon graduation I  started working in a stationery store and dove into making paper goods full time. This taught me resourcefulness and problem solving as I was the sole designer and had to, as they say "figure it out". Which meant I had the printer in pieces on a regular basis, and usually a Youtube tutorial going in the background. This job taught me the ins and outs of small business, the Adobe Suites, HP Laserjet Printers and a lot about myself. 

I eventually left the stationery store to pursue my card company Paper Chain and work as a Marketing Manager for Elegant Productions Planning & Design. After six months we created the stationery company which is now known as Paper Chain Stationery (formerly known as Elegant Paper Co.). We are a boutique fine art stationery company, where I am the designer, e-commerce site manager, social media manager, web designer, trade-show display builder, paper counter, and once again, the printer maintenance lady. 


In addition to designing I'm well versed in small business marketing, especially for creatives, even doing talks at workshops on the subject. I dabble in web design and pretty much anything else that could be categorized as creative. Being a problem solving, self starter I often welcome a challenge. So much so that my partner Jordan tells me to slow down and watch a movie or something. 

I live in the heart of Halifax and wouldn't have it any other way. 

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