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The Elegant Productions Planning Series

We're so excited to share with you our Elegant Productions Planning Series! Katelyn Bellefontaine, CEO & Creative Director of our sister company Elegant Productions is going to guide you through the steps to make your wedding day successful and stress free. Read on to learn more, and if you can't wait to sign up, scroll to the bottom or click one of the images to take to to our registration page to get your tickets ASAP!

The Complete Package:

Attend all six classes offered during the EP Planning Series Katelyn will walk you through all aspects of weddings, setting you on the path to planning your own day to perfection. Package Includes Admission to:

Money Matters - January 11 Logistical Considerations - January 25 Designing your Dream Day - February 8 Timeline Development - February 22 The Ceremony & Reception - March 8 Planning for your Marriage - March 22

Money Matters: Thursday, January 11 from 7-8pm

Katelyn will walk you through the stages of setting an initial wedding budget and determining your priorities. Where to save and where to splurge and how to truly stick within your financial limits throughout the course of wedding planning.

Logistical Considerations: Thursday, January 25 from 7-8pm

Katelyn will review all logistical considerations when planning your dream wedding. Items such as venue, photography, and videography, transportation, accommodations, entertainment and more.

Designing Your Dream Day: Thursday, February 8 from 7-8pm

Katelyn will go into detail on designing your dream wedding. From flowers to linens, stationery, lighting and more we'll review all the pretty details that make a wedding a true reflection of the couple.

Timeline Development: Thursday, February 22 from 7-8pm

Katelyn will discuss the key elements that make up a wedding day timeline and how couples can use this all-important document to their advantage to create a completely stress-free environment for both themselves and all those involved in the wedding day.

The Ceremony & Reception: Thursday, March 8 from 7-8pm

Katelyn will review traditions and considerations when planning both your ceremony and reception. Tips and tricks will be shared to promise this will be the wedding day of your dreams while ensuring your guests feel taken care of and loved on throughout the entire day.

Planning For Your Marriage: Thursday, March 22 from 7-8pm

Katelyn will discuss how couples can keep their relationship first and foremost, throughout the entire course of wedding planning. Reminding us that although the wedding day truly is going to be a momentous occasion, the marriage to be celebrated on this day is what is most important.

We can't wait to share all this knowledge with you!

If you would like to sign up,


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