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The warm neutrals styling kit is designed to help style flat lay photos, whether it's wedding invitations, jewellery, floral or even stock photos. These items will help bring depth and beauty to your images. Keeping the pieces a neutral shade makes them versatile and can be used over and over.


Each kit includes:

  • 3 blank invitation envelopes
  • 3 blank reply envelopes
  • 2 pieces of hand torn chiffon ribbon
  • 2 wax seals
  • 1 calligraphy poem with hand torn edges
  • 2 original hand calligraphed place cards (bride & groom)
  • 2 pieces of handmade paper


Please note, not all kits will be the exact same.

Kits will range in terms of shades, although they will always be in the same palette of warm neutrals. This is to ensure all of our customers have somewhat unique kits. No-one wants their photos to look like someone else's, right?

Warm Neutrals Styling Kit

  • All styling kits ship as regular letter-mail in a rigid envelope. This is to keep shipping costs as low as possible for you. Please note, delivery times are up to 8 days within Canada and do not include tracking. Items will be shipped within 5 business days of ordering unless otherwise notified.

    If you would like to have your order expedited, please contact us and we can arrange other shipping options.

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