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Hey there!

Welcome to our blog and our very first post! We are so excited to be able to share some of our thoughts and behind the scenes with you here in our journal. I thought for our first post I would share some of the amazing projects we've worked on already this past season.

Samantha & Skylar

Photos by Candace Berry Photography

Laura & Gavin

Photos by Chantal Routhier Photography


Laura & James

Photos by Candace Berry Photography

Erin & Morris

Photos by This is Photography

The mother of the bride connected the seating chart names to the locations on this map! Such a great idea, each one is named after an island in Mahone Bay!

Each guest had their own place card with a picture of them on it. It was such a personalized touch and made the guest feel so special.

Brittany & Brendan

Photos by Candace Berry Photography

Alex & Davor

Photos by Candace Berry Photography

Brittany & Clark

Photos by Brady McCloskey Photography

Jenn & Mitch

Photos by Steph MacKinnon Photography

We were so lucky to have been able to create stationery for some amazing weddings and that these great couples welcomed us into their big days. We can't wait to create more in 2018.

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