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The One Day Workshop

We were tickled pink to have been invited to be educators at The One Day Workshop last year. Jacqueline Anne Photography hosted this wonderful event where photographers from across Nova Scotia gathered. Lisa used her painting background to speak on perspective and how it can influence your art. She did an excersise where each student drew an image from a grid. They didn't know what it was until it was finished, seeing individual parts of something makes it a whole.

I (Rebecca) was able to educate the attendees on marketing their business with an emphasis on social media. We chatted all about how your brand reflects your business in almost every element, not just your logo. We also talked about how to make the most of your Instagram presence and shared some Insta tips.

We ate amazing food and laughed along side all the wonderful people who attended, we were so lucky to get to be a part of something so enriching and inspiring. I'll leave you to browse through the photos captured by Jacqueline Anne Photography. (The first photo is a selfie, of us on the beach)


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